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Fixed Desks at Beta House

Have you just launched your own business, or telecommute from home but want your own space? Renting a fixed desk at Beta House lets you get to work in a distraction-free environment at your very own desk.

What is a Fixed Desk?

A fixed desk is a working space rented out to one individual for a certain amount of time. While renting it, the desk is your own professional working space.

Most people who have worked from home understand how isolating and distracting it can be. By choosing a fixed desk at Beta House, you can become part of an innovative and collaborative community while still remaining productive and successful.

Fixed Desk

£160/ month
A permanent place to work near the heart of Rochester without the costs of running an office.
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Why Choose a Fixed Desk?

Renting a fixed desk at Beta House is a great step to move your business forward. By providing you with a clean and professional working space, you’ll be able to focus on what matters most.

You’ll also be able to save money with a fixed desk instead of spending more on an enclosed office space.

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