Private Offices in Medway City Estate

Private Offices at Beta House

If you want to be part of a collaborative work environment, but still have your own space, renting a private office at Beta House is a great fit.

Flexible offices combine the benefits of co-working in a professional and creative space, with engaged and ambitious co-workers, with the privacy and freedom of having your very own office. Ideal for solopreneurs and small businesses, we have 1-3 person offices ready to be moved in to.

What is a Private Office?

A private office at Beta House is just that – a private, enclosed office space. You’ll be provided with a clean space, personal desk and office chair, along with a connection to high speed internet and power outlets. All of our private offices also have their own window to let in natural light while you work.

In addition to your own enclosed office, you’ll also be provided with all of the other amenities that Beta House offers, such as a shared kitchen, free parking, and daily post delivery.

If you find that you need a larger space for a meeting, interview or presentation, you can also hire a clean and modern conference room on-site at Beta House, with views over the Medway River.

Private Office

£250/ month
Your own spacious private office. 1-4 person office space to get your growing business out of the spare room.
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Why Choose a Private Office?

A private office provides a quiet space for you to work, while still being part of a professional co-working environment. It’s the best of both worlds.

Individuals who have worked from home know how difficult it can be to be productive in a noisy environment. Oftentimes, you may not even have access to a office or desk space at home. By renting a private office space at Beta House, you’ll give yourself every chance to succeed and grow.

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